Day 3: Last Look at the Lakes Tour

November 02 2012

Mackinac Bridge - Vote NO on Proposal 3

Day 3 of our Last Look at the Lakes Tour took us around beautiful Lake Michigan – which could be forever changed by the 3,100 wind turbines required to meet Proposal 3‘s energy mandate. We visited voters at cafes, businesses, parks and more in Mackinaw City, Petoskey, Charlevoix, Traverse City and Benzonia.

We ran into voters who agreed that Proposal 3 would be costly to businesses, families and Michigan. They agreed that locking an arbitrary $12 billion proposal into our State's Constitution is a highly unnecessary approach to implementing a renewable energy standard.

Erin Bemis of the Charlevoix Area Chamber opposes Proposal 3

Erin Bemis, president of the Charlevoix Area Chamber of Commerce said, "These kinds of changes don't belong in our State's Constitution and we are concerned with the additional cost burden this proposal would have on our businesses."

As we continue to spread the word about the potentially negative affects of Proposal 3, we urge voters to protect their pockets, Michigan's businesses, breathtaking shorelines as well as its energy future by voting NO on Prop. 3 on Tuesday!