Renewable standard facts

Just the facts on Michigan energy

FACT: Michigan already has a renewable standard, which was passed in 2008 by an overwhelming bipartisan majority of the legislature – NOT by mandating energy policy in the constitution.

FACT: The Proposal 3 mandate would undermine Michigan’s long-term energy plan and current renewable standard by locking specific energy policy into the state’s constitution, even though the state needs flexibility to ensure families and businesses have the affordable, reliable power they need.

FACT: Many states, including Michigan, have put in place renewable portfolio standards (RPS). Yet not a single other state has taken the extreme step of injecting its constitution with an RPS.

FACT: The state’s energy providers are making significant progress toward reaching our current standard of 10 percent by 2015. Any consideration of raising the state’s standard should wait until after 2015, when the 10 percent standard can be evaluated on a number of key factors. Then, state policymakers can decide if the standard should be raised or if there are other options, such as raising the state’s energy efficiency standards, to meet the energy needs of customers in an environmentally responsible manner.

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