Detroit Organizations Urge Voters: Reject Proposal 3

October 31 2012
DETROIT – Detroit area organizations today joined the growing coalition of opposition to Proposal 3, the costly constitutional energy mandate set for the November 6 ballot. Proposal 3 calls for Michigan utilities to produce 25 percent of the state’s electricity from renewable resources by 2025.

The following business and community groups are opposed to Proposal 3:
• Arab American & Chaldean Council
• Booker T. Washington Business Association
• Urban League of Detroit
• The Heat and Warmth Fund
• Latin American for Social and Economic Development
• Michigan Business & Professional Association
• Michigan Food and Beverage Association
• Michigan Roundtable for Diversity & Inclusion
• New Detroit, Inc.

Proposal 3 would limit Michigan’s flexibility to provide safe and reliable energy to Michigan families and businesses. CARE supporters and energy experts agree that at least 3,100 wind turbines will have to be built across 500,000 acres of – including some in and around the Great Lakes – potentially hurting Michigan’s $17 billion tourism industry.

The group of Detroit area and statewide business and community organizations released quotes regarding the $12 billion price tag, impact on local control and the fact that no other state in the nation has included energy policy in its constitution.

Dr. Haifa Fakhouri, president and CEO, Arab American and Chaldean Council:
“Whereas the cause is noble and commendable, during these tough economic times, we should not be implementing a $12 billion constitutional mandate where the utilities will have no choice but to pass the burden of this cost on to the citizens of Michigan.”

William Ross, president and CEO, Booker T. Washington Business Association
“Ballot backers claim that 94,000 jobs will be created if Proposal 3 passes, but reliable research shows that there are only 75,000 jobs nationwide in the industry. That sounds like fuzzy math to me and that’s why I’m voting no on Proposal 3.”

N. Charles Anderson, president and CEO, Urban League of Detroit
“Proposal 3 is dangerous, costly and unnecessary in a state where our leading energy companies are already involved and poised to provide their customers with the most efficient, clean energy options. Michigan voters should soundly reject Proposal 3, and support the plans and strategies already in place and designed to promote renewable energy growth in our state.”

Susan Sherer, CEO, The Heat and Warmth Fund:
"THAW is concerned that Proposal 3 will increase energy rates on low-income families across the state. In Michigan the legislative process produced our current energy policy increasing renewables. We believe the most appropriate forums to address this complex issue is through Michigan legislature and regulatory processes - not a change in Michigan's constitution. The Heat and Warmth (THAW) Fund does not support Proposal 3."

Jane Garcia, president, Latin American for Social and Economic Development
“It’s important that Michigan families have reliable, affordable energy. This $12 billion mandate jeopardizes both.”

Edward Deeb, chairman and founder, Michigan Food and Beverage Association and the Michigan Business Professional Association:
“We are opposed to Proposal 3 because the current law already generates major investments and jobs in wind farms and other renewable energy projects statewide. Michigan already has a law that provides for renewable energy to ensure affordable and reliable electricity.”

Thomas Costello, Jr., president, Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion
“Michigan’s energy policy is an executive and legislative function and should not be locked into the state constitution.”

Shirley Stancato, president and CEO, New Detroit, Inc.
“If Proposal 3 passes, its costs will be borne by those that can least afford it – low-income families and small and minority-owned businesses.”

Michiganders can find out how hard their wallets would be hit by the Proposal 3 energy mandate using the Cost Estimator at: ###