Letter: ‘3’ - Little to Like

November 01 2012
To the editor:
From a northern Michigan perspective, there’s very little to like about Proposal 3.
The proposal would lock into the state Constitution an overly ambitious requirement that Michigan produce 25 percent of its electricity from wind and solar by 2025. Once it’s in the Constitution, it will be difficult if not impossible to get it out again. That will handcuff the state for decades when it comes to energy policy.
To reach this arbitrary threshold will cost Michiganders an estimated $12 billion. Families, small businesses and senior citizens here and elsewhere across the state will end up footing the bill.
On top of the cost, there is the unknown impact of the 3,100 wind turbines — each taller than the Statue of Liberty — it will take to produce that much electricity. We don’t know, for instance, what the cost will be to the environment, wildlife tourism or health. We should know those things before we support such a radical project.
Backers will say, “green energy is clean energy,” but the facts are that the air in Michigan is already the cleanest it’s been in two generations. And it didn’t happen by accident. Energy companies have invested billions in environmental controls, and the state enacted a comprehensive, bipartisan energy law in 2008 that already has us on the path to a 10 percent renewable standard by 2015.

Vote no on Proposal 3.

Sen. John Moolenaar
36th District

(Originally published in the Midland Daily News, 11/1/2012)