Michigan Chronicle: Vote NO on Proposal 3

November 02 2012
Every election cycle voters are asked to make critical choices on issues that resonate with their well-being and their communities.
In this election we have the same responsibility, to take a position on the issues that matter to voters as well as moving Detroit and the state forward. Our role is not to dictate or tell voters how to vote, but to recommend the Michigan Chronicle’s position on these issues.
Perhaps for the first time we are witnessing a proliferation of proposals for the Nov. 6 ballot that warrant the attention of every voter in this city and state.
Proposal 3 — Amend the Constitution to Establish a Standard for Renewable Energy. We support any effort toward energy renewal and efficiency. This proposal would require that 25 percent of the state electricity be generated through renewable energy by 2025. But the state has already passed a renewable energy standard. This does not belong in our Constitution and it is an overreach. We can resolve issues around energy without resorting to the Constitution. We say vote NO on Proposal 3.

(Originally published in the Michigan Chronicle, 11/1/2012)