Why Vote No

Reasons to vote NO on 25x25

The Michigan Legislature passed a comprehensive energy law with overwhelming bipartisan support in 2008. This landmark legislation was crafted to ensure reliable, clean and affordable energy for Michigan families and businesses for years to come.

The 2008 law requires Michigan to generate 10 percent of its electricity from renewable sources such as wind, solar, hydro and biomass by 2015 and was negotiated after more than two years of thoughtful debate.

Now a multimillion-dollar ballot campaign is under way to manipulate the state constitution and set an unreasonable standard – 25 percent by 2025 – even though it will cost Michigan families and businesses at least $12 billion. Many states, including Michigan, have put in place renewable portfolio standards (RPS). Yet not a single other state has taken the extreme step of injecting its constitution with an RPS.

Proposal 3 could also mean the loss of local control for Michigan communities who would have NO say whether or not a wind turbine ends up in their backyard.

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Reasons to vote no on Proposal 3:

It’s outrageously expensive
It’s reckless – cementing an energy mandate in the Michigan Constitution, even though the state needs flexibility to meet its evolving energy needs
It’s short-sighted and would dramatically change Michigan’s landscape
It’s dangerously vague

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